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About Sanctified Systems

We are Audio, Visual & Lighting Solutions for Colorado Churches

The History of Sanctified

I started Sanctified Systems because I felt that there was a need for the churches of Colorado to have a place where they could get the professional sound, video, and lighting equipment that was essential to their ministry. The sound, video, and lighting equipment that Sanctified Systems has available will allow your church congregation to receive the message with the highest audio clarity and pristine video images.

Prior to starting Sanctified Systems, I provided sound services and equipment for many high profile artists that were on tour performing around the world. On these tours, it was common to be out on the road for up to a year, and this line of work can be very exhausting for that long of a period.  Despite the difficulties, I am grateful for the opportunity to visit many countries that I may not have been able to otherwise visit.

With all that traveling behind me and hearing the call of Colorado’s beautiful landscape,  I began learning more about the churches located here. After discovering that Colorado Springs and Denver, alone, have over 1,300 churches, I knew where Sanctified Systems needed to call home. Having lived in big cities like Miami, New York, and Dallas for most of my life, I chose Colorado Springs to escape some of that hustle and bustle.

Since breaking out on my own as a small business owner, I can say I truly enjoy being a small, independent business. It allows me to better empathize with other smaller to medium-sized ministries.  Smaller churches shouldn’t have to suffer with sub-par sound, video, and lighting equipment. They deserve the same quality of service and equipment so they can get the message to their congregation.


George Lowis

George graduated from the Institute of Audio Research in New York City and was a student at Berkeley College of Music. Having worked in the audio industry for 30 years and counting, he felt the Lord push him to use his knowledge of these systems for the benefit of churches. It was in 2010 that he started Sanctified Systems as a believer in Christ desiring his work to glorify the Lord. He has a never ending passion for equipping churches with audio, visual, and lighting equipment that will enhance the ability for the Word to be heard!

George Lowis, Owner
George Lowis, Owner
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So the Word Can be Heard.

It’s not just a neat tagline but a mission.

Since the Lord put it on my heart years ago, it has been my core purpose and reason for establishing Sanctified Systems. Since then my team and I have helped numerous churches create audio visual systems to fit their needs.

Sanctified Systems is unique from other audio visual companies because we specialize in audio/visual systems for churches

We bring a particular understanding when we meet with our churches. Whether big or small we know what is required and how to create the perfect, individualized system.

You can expect an honest, open and caring approach when working with me and my team.

We will always make sure you understand what is happening and help train you and your own team on how to use all installed equipment. We will also follow up with you to ensure you are still satisfied with your systems. Ultimately, I want you to feel like Sanctified Systems is a loyal partner helping your church grow.

"Why Do You Do What You Do?"

I do what I do for two main reasons:
1) I am a believer in the Lord
2) I feel that music brings us together and all churches deserve the best
so the word can be heard.

Combine those passions with the knowledge and experience I have gained during 30 years of audio and visual work, and I am able to aid the churches in the Colorado Springs and Denver regions. Sanctified Systems exists to serve you as you serve in your church’s ministries.

"Why Do You Only Work With Churches?"

With 400 churches in Colorado Springs and 900 churches in Denver I saw the need for a specialized company to assist churches acquire the proper sound, video and lighting equipment to enhance their congregation’s worship experience. 

I am happy to be able to use these skills and knowledge I have so that I am able to give your church, it’s staff, and church members the best sound, video, and lighting equipment which they would require to get the Word of God to the people in their community.