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Sanctified Systems will design a sound, video, and lighting system to meet the specific needs of your church. We will come to your church and examine all factors of the room and will locate the optimal placement of where the speakers will be located and what speakers are needed, so that any congregation member seating in any seat in the sanctuary will receive and hear the program that you are delivering. You want to ensure that all person coming to your church service are hearing every word clearly and at a volume the is just right for the room.

Sanctified Systems has the knowledge and experience to ensure that whatever systems we install is done with taking all these factors into consideration so that every congregation member will hear everything perfectly and clearly. We can put up sound absorption panels to take car of rooms that are very reverberant and can assist you in getting the optimal performance for the sound system being installed.

Our team has the experience and knowledge so that you are going to receive a sound system that will be what your worship space requires so that everyone will hear the words to your service with intelligibility and clarity. The equipment we have available for your ministry will deliver everything your needing and desiring for your church congregation to enjoy and understand.

Creating a Customize Proposal

The time is takes to develop your design proposal depends on what you are looking for Sanctified Systems to do for your church. The size of your project will determine the amount of design work we do so that your church receives a complete system design and installation that you are desiring from us and meets your specific needs.

Worry Free Design

Minimal effort is needed from church staff. We will need staff to allow us inside the church when we analyze the worship space and church structure and take the measurements needed to design the system. We will also need access when we have the equipment ready to install.

Free Initial Consultation

The first time we meet with you is free. We will meet with you so that we understand what you are trying to accomplish within your church and ministries.

We are very flexible with our meeting scheduling so that your worship team is not inconvenienced. We will discuss convenient times for you and when someone from Sanctified Systems is available.

Sanctified Systems will Design a Custom System for Your Church
Audio and Visual Equipment Design Services Provided for Colorado Springs Churches

Common Issues We Find Solutions For

The Audio Does Not Cover The Seating Area

Speakers have degrees of throw, making it necessary to analyze the design of the sanctuary. Our systems design will account for the nuances of your seating area and place speakers where they will project the same level of audio throughout the space. When done properly anyone sitting in the sanctuary will be able to hear the same sounds.

We will take measurements of the room, analyze the reflective properties in the room, and take note of the materials that cover the wall surfaces.

Video Displays Are Difficult To See

Regardless of where one is sitting in the sanctuary, the visual displays should be seen. We will analyze the ambient light from windows and lights in the church sanctuary. We will also evaluate the video program brightness levels and give suggestions for what brightness is should be set to in your sanctuary. If the video being presented is not bright enough for the viewing church audience, church members will have difficulty understanding and seeing the projected images.The projector screen material to the brightness of the projector must be taken in to account so that every seat in the church has the same video quality.