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Church Speakers & Audio Equipment

Hear like never before with the best speakers in the industry.

Sanctified Systems carries the complete line of JBL speakers and we will have the speakers you require for any application you may have. Our engineers know about the performance of the JBL line. We will have a JBL speaker for you which will deliver the sound your desiring and which will perform to all your churches expectations. Weather you need line array speakers for your sanctuary or just some ceiling speakers for your classrooms we will deliver to you the JBL speakers that your church is needing.

Imagine if your every need was not only met but anticipated. JBL makes the speakers that do exactly that. JBL makes a complete line of permanent installation loudspeakers, containing the performance and features that meet the needs of churches.

Incorporating the latest loudspeaker technology, a wide selection of models, high performance features, and reliability. That is why Sanctified Systems carries the complete line of JBL speakers for church sound installations, we know about quality of what they deliver.

Inspire Your Flock With Church Speakers

No matter where you go in the world, you will find JBL speaker systems at many of the most notable churches and venues. Sanctified Systems has come to understand the one notable truth of business, every customer is unique.  A speaker system that is perfectly right for one job, might be wrong for another. That’s why JBL sound products offer a range of professional products without equal and Sanctified Systems has a JBL loudspeaker for just about any challenge that your church might encounter.

Whether it is a classical music performance or live theater production, JBL Professional offers a loudspeaker solution for every performing arts application your church may encounter. JBL’s complete line of loudspeakers offers a variety of solutions to allow your church congregation members to hear clearly the program presented to them.

Church Speaker Systems, Dont Let Your Pastor Go Unheard

A high-impact praise band or a simple reading from the Holy Scriptures, the word of God knows no bounds. Whether a mega-church seating 10,000 plus or a small congregation of a few hundred, JBL Professional has a loudspeaker system for every facet of your place of worship ranging from outdoor courtyards and ancillary rooms to the main sanctuary.

Call Sanctified Systems so that we may discuss with you and learn what your churches needs are, so we can find you a JBL speaker system that works for your church. We understand the importance of what you do and we will find you a JBL speaker system that will deliver the sound you are needing and desiring for your church congregation.