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AKG Microphones

Microphones to reach the masses at your next event

Sanctified Systems has a professional microphone for any instrument or vocalist on your worship team. We also have a complete line of microphones solely for church choirs. We carry wireless vocal microphones for singers on your praise and worship team, we also can recommend microphones for various instruments if you are needing them.

We know what kind of microphones should be used on the instruments and vocals in your church worship team and which ones work most effectively for creating a clear replica of what is being played or sung during your church worship service.

Bring studio quality into your service with the AKG handheld microphone designed for any vocalist.  Expect clear sound reproduction and sparkling highs when you sing into these AKG microphones, thanks to its hand-selected components. One of the first things we noticed about AKG microphones is how resistant they are to feedback.

You can step really close to stage monitors without any annoying squealing and they are extremely lightweight. These AKG microphones deliver excellent response throughout the entire frequency range.

Church Microphone Equipment Colorado

We have the complete line of AKG microphones for you here at Sanctified Systems. For whatever the need may be, rest assured we can deliver the microphone that is best suited for your church to use.

The staff at Sanctified Systems have many years of experience mixing various artists and musicians out on tours around the world and we all agree that the AKG microphones deliver the sonic excellence any sound engineer wants for their audience.

If you are involved in getting the church audio equipment or the live sound reinforcement equipment for your church and you need exceptional sound quality and professional reliability, the wireless microphones we have for you will delivers the goods. Call us today so we can tell you about the wireless microphones we can deliver to your church that will perform as you need and deliver the sound you have been wanting.

From its first dynamic microphone in 1945 to it current product line of dozens of mics, AKG has been a market leader for over 60 years. AKG became known as a worldwide standard in professional microphones, and they have remained that way. With a countless number of legendary microphones to their name, pro studios everywhere still recognize them as one of the top brands in the industry.

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