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Projection Screens

Show something that everyone can enjoy with state of the art projectors.

Setting up a church projection system in your church doesn’t have to be a difficult process. As long as you know how much space you have available, how many people you will need to show your media to as well as what kinds of cables your projector will require, then you will be well on your way to having an exciting audio-visual ministry that the members of your congregation will enjoy.

The ability to show something on a screen, whether it is a scripture, video, or live feed, can be a real asset to the church. If you have set up your system improperly, it can distract from the point trying to be made. Sanctified Systems has the experienced video technicians that will install your video system so that your displays will look picture perfect all the time.

Once your video system is installed by us, your staff of operators will have no difficulty in achieving outstanding video time after time for your congregation to enjoy. It’s all a matter of getting the right video equipment you are going to require to get those images you so desire. Sanctified Systems will get you ready for video projection with the professional equipment we carry.

Sanctified Systems Church Video Projection Screen Installation

Having the proper video screen is determined by many different factors. You need to examine a few things before you know what kind of screen you require. Do you need a motorized or pull-down screen, and also figuring out what screen material your going to require, different materials will allow you to see it differently because of the layout of the seating area? The size of the screen is very important so that the people in the seats in the back of the room can still receive a large clear image.

Call Sanctified Systems so we can use the knowledge we have acquired to get you the video screens your church is wanting. We understand all the different things that can make this video system your wanting… to look absolutely spectacular. We will make this video equipment the greatest addition to your church for your congregation’s visual delight.