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Sanctified audio, video and lighting installation
Sanctified audio, video and lighting installation

These are some of the products that Sanctified Systems can assist your church in receiving.

Powered Speakers

Ceiling Speaker

Stage Monitors

Sub Woofer Speakers

Microphone Cables



Stages Boxes

Microphone Stands

Power Amplifiers

Video Screens

Mixing Consoles

Equipment Racks

Video Projectors

CD Players

In-Ear Monitors

Stage Lighting

DVD Players

Lighting Control

Intelligent Lighting

Post-Installation Training

We ensure your churches sound system and video system operators go through a thorough training on the operation of all equipment you are getting from us. This training is given as part of the installation process. We will not neglect to educate your church staff and volunteers of the proper use and operation of the new sound, video, and lighting equipment we install. Basic troubleshooting will also be addressed.

Once completed Sanctified Systems will check in every month or so to make sure your new system is functioning to your liking and performing as needed. We want to make sure are satisfied with the full system.

Training sessions typically last 1 hour and we are willing to give your church however much training for staff to understand the complete operation of the equipment you have purchased from us. We want you to feel very comfortable in using this equipment you have.

Training is usually done in the evening when everyone’s work day is finished. But we can come to do the training at any time your church desires us to.  We maintain a flexible scheduling policy so there are no concerns about your staff receiving and retaining the information they need to understand the systems little nuances that obtain the best quality for the listening and viewing church members .

After the installation and training, periodic check-ins will occur to ensure your church is satisfied with your new system.

What to Expect from Sanctified Systems

1. Be Listened To

This is when we get to understand your needs and desires. During your free consultation, we will look at the current sound, video, and lighting equipment you have and give you suggestions of what Sanctified Systems can do to make the improvements so that you have the best sound system and video system for you and your congregation to enjoy.  We strive to step into your shoes so that we can attain your desired results.

2. A System Designed for YOU

Using our 30 years of audio/visual expertise we will develop a proposed solution to accomplish the objectives you have. You, the church, are not responsible for anything during the design process beyond allowing  us inside the church to take measurement and analyze the church space.

3. Proper Equipment Selected

We use quality equipment suppliers to outfit your church with top tier audio, video and lighting equipment.

View the brands we use.

4. Professional Installation

After client approval, our installation crew will professionally and efficiently install the new systems.

5. Your Techs are Trained

With new equipment comes the need for new technical training for your system operators. We do not neglect to educate your staff and volunteers of the ins and outs of the new system. We provide information about basic troubleshooting and issue resolution so that  “the Word can be heard” loud and clear.

6. Post-Installation Check-ins

After the installation and training, we do not abandon you. We will check in with you occasionally to ensure your new system is functioning to your liking.